Business Health Services

Business Health Services , a division of RediMed , offers a full range of occupational medicine services/occupational health services to area businesses. Whether a company's need is large or small, Business Health Services can help keep employees healthy and also provide the treatment they need to get back to work at full productivity as soon as possible should they experience a work-related injury.

BHS, which currently manages more than 3,000 accounts, offers a variety of occupational, wellness, education, prevention, rehabilitation and safety programs designed to help companies protect and enhance their largest investment—their employees. All of BHS' comprehensive programs are designed to help companies manage their businesses throughout the year and are tailored to each individual company's unique needs and challenges. A company's number of employees and risk management considerations determine the cost of BHS services. Clients pay only for services rendered.

Because occupational health issues can impact a company's time and resources, BHS can help minimize lost time because it utilizes the organized delivery of care system offered through the Lutheran Health Network and its providers. If a service cannot be performed at the work place, care is delivered at the most appropriate and convenient facility, including any RediMed urgent care clinic, either BHS clinic or the Lutheran, Dupont or St. Joseph hospital emergency rooms. Some BHS services are available 24/7.

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