Building Today for Tomorrow's Downtown: Lutheran Downtown Hospital

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Lutheran Downtown rendered view

Set to be situated on the southwest corner of Main and Van Buren, the 60-bed acute care Lutheran Downtown Hospital will be open for patient care in early 2022. The decision to build a leading-edge, vibrant facility, which is being constructed across the street from the existing hospital, aligns with Lutheran Health Network's goals to stay downtown and remain an active participant in its success.

The planned size of the facility reflects the growth in services being offered in outpatient settings as medical technologies advance. The facility will be built with space to accommodate future growth to more than 100 beds, based on the community's needs.

Lutheran Downtown will include a 19-bed emergency department, a six suite operating room, three cardiac catheterization labs, two gastroenterology suites, hyperbaric medicine, wound care, imaging services including MRI and CT, robotic-assisted surgery and laboratory services.

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