Stop the Bleed: Save a Life

Stop the Bleed: Save  a Life

The top cause of preventable death in trauma cases is uncontrolled bleeding. Accidental cuts, lacerations or puncture wounds from sharp objects can cause extensive bleeding, a drop in blood pressure and decreased organ blood flow. This can lead to shock and even death.

Life-threatening bleeding symptoms include:

  • Pale, cool and clammy skin
  • Fast heart rate
  • Light-headedness
  • Unconsciousness

If you notice that someone has extensive bleeding, respond quickly and take these steps to control it until help arrives:

  1. Apply immediate, direct pressure to the wound with both hands and with any available clean cloth
  2. Elevate the wound above the individual's heart
  3. Continue to hold pressure until bleeding is controlled or help arrives
  4. Apply a tourniquet (for arms and legs)
  5. Call 911

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