Community Organizations Join Forces Oct. 14 to Help Residents Apply for State-Funded Health Insurance

Many Have Yet to Take Advantage of Similar Opportunities

FORT WAYNE, IN (Oct. 6, 2009) — While the future of healthcare evolves on the national stage, local organizations continue to address the immediate needs of area residents who are without adequate health insurance. Several state-funded programs are available, but according to recent U.S. Census Bureau figures, approximately 46,000 Allen County residents have no health insurance coverage.

In response, area organizations including St. Joseph Hospital, CANI and the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation have teamed up over the past year to hold insurance fairs to answer questions and help participants complete their applications. The next opportunity will be at Anthony Medical Center, 5717 S. Anthony Blvd., on Wed., Oct. 14, from 2 to 6 p.m. There is no cost to attend the fair.

"We are living in a time of great need, with more and more families in northeastern Indiana facing the threat and reality of being uninsured," said Joe Conrad, executive director, CANI. "Help is available in the form of social service programs, but many are not aware of these resources. We hope this event will expose people to these helpful healthcare options."

If all necessary documentation is presented, residents will learn if they qualify for the Healthy Indiana Plan, Hoosier Healthwise, Medicaid or other programs and what these programs offer. Spanish and Burmese interpreters will be available.

"One of the goals for each of the previous three insurance fairs we've hosted has been to make the location as convenient as possible for individuals who can benefit from this assistance," said Kirk Ray, CEO, St. Joseph Hospital. "Our Anthony Medical Center is in the heart of a medically underserved area of Fort Wayne and the response to the first insurance event held there was outstanding."

The documentation requirements for these applications can be lengthy.

Applicants must bring specific information to apply for health insurance coverage. Each adult and child seeking coverage must provide a social security number, identification and proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status.

Papers reflecting all money received in the home by the applicant, spouse and dependent children must also be provided. Potential income includes wages, self-employment income, child support, disability, unemployment or other benefits, and loans or contributions of any kind.

Medical documentation of pregnancy and proof of guardianship or power of attorney are also needed, if applicable.


  • Social Security Numbers-for everyone living in the household
  • Identity-for each applicant and parent or guardian
    Valid drivers license, State Identification Card, student ID, Military ID. If you have someone acting on your behalf, that person will need to provide proof of his or her identity also. If child is under the age of 16 the Identity Affidavit for Children Under Age 16 must be submitted.
  • US Citizenship-for each applicant
    Legal birth certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship or U.S. passport if it was issued without restrictions.
  • Money received by applicant, spouse, and dependent children in the home
    • 1. Wages: Pay stubs, paychecks, or statement from employer for the past 30 days. You will need 60 days of pay stubs if you want coverage to go retroactive back 60 days. Hoosier Healthwise can go retroactive back 90 days; therefore you will need 90 days of pay stubs.
    • 2. Self-employment: Last year's signed tax return or personally kept self-employment records for the past 90 days.
    • 3. Child Support, Social Security, VA, SSI, Workers Compensation, disability, sick pay, unemployment, or other benefits: Court order, award letter, or other proof of payment from the source of income.
    • 4. Loans, gifts or contributions: Promissory note; loan agreement; or statement from the person providing the money that includes the person's name, address, phone number, signature and date.
    • 5. Financial aid award letter for the current year (if applicant is currently in college and receiving any grant or financial aid).
    • 6. Wage verification from unemployment office (if currently unemployed and not receiving an income).
  • Guardianship or Power of Attorney
    If someone has legal authority to act on your behalf, provide a copy of the Power of Attorney, Guardianship Order, Court Order, or similar documents.
  • Immigration status
    A copy of your alien registration card, permanent resident card or other documentation from the Bureau for Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly the INS).
  • Documentation of pregnancy from a medical provider
    For more information, go to or call 260.425.3883.

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