MyHealth FAQ

What is Lutheran Health Network MyHealth?
MyHealth is a free, secure online patient portal that gives you access to your health information anytime, day or night. The new MyHealth portal is powered by Cerner.

Was there a previous version of the MyHealth portal?
Yes. Access the previous version of MyHealth here.

Since the new portal is being introduced in phases, health information from Lutheran Health Physicians offices will continue to be added to the previous portal until those offices convert to the new health record system.

LHP locations outside Allen County converted to the new MyHealth (Cerner) patient portal on Oct. 27, 2018. Offices within Allen County are slated to convert early in the second quarter of 2019.

Can I access the portal from my phone?
Yes. Download Cerner's mobile app, called HealtheLife, and sign in just as you would on a computer or tablet.


How do I set up a new MyHealth account?
Sign-up is simple and takes place as part of the hospital registration process. Once you sign up, watch for an email from Click the enrollment link to complete the process.

What if I don't receive the invitation email?
To ensure that the MyHealth invitation email reaches you, add as an approved sender. If you don't receive an email and have checked your SPAM folder, click here to self-enroll.

NOTE: Your medical record number (MRN) is required to complete self-enrollment. This number is located on your hospital discharge paperwork.

What is my username? My password?
You determine your own username and password when you create your MyHealth account online.


How can I access my child's or other family member's health information?
If you are interested in MyHealth access for your child(ren) or an adult for whom you are legally responsible and that individual is a patient of a participating provider, you will need to sign up in person by completing a Patient-Designated Personal Representative Access Request form. Sign up with participating physician offices takes place at the time of provider appointments.

Can I give others access to my information?
Only you - and those you authorize - will be able to see or gain access to the information in your portal.

Password/Log-in issues

What if I forget my password?
If you don't remember your password, select "Forgot password" and follow the instructions to reset your password.

What if I have trouble logging in or using the new (Cerner) portal?
Call MyHealth Technical Support at (800) 669-4096(800) 669-4096.

What if I need help with the previous version of the portal (FollowMyHealth)?
Call 1-844-604-43571-844-604-4357 or email

Confidentiality and privacy

Will my portal information be secure?
Yes. MyHealth uses a secure, encrypted connection and all health data is stored on a secure server.

Personal and medical information in the MyHealth portal remains confidential. Only you - and those you authorize - are able to see or gain access to the information in your portal. We will not share your personal information with any outside party not affiliated with our organization.