Lutheran Downtown Hospital Details

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Lutheran Downtown will be a 60-bed, 181,000-square-foot acute care hospital in downtown Fort Wayne. It will be located across Van Buren, just west of where St. Joseph Hospital is today.

Lutheran Downtown aerial view

Construction of the five-floor, 181,000-square-foot hospital has an anticipated completion date in late 2021. Design work and planning with local officials will begin immediately. Construction is expected to start this summer. Based on patient utilization and future needs, the facility's design includes space to grow the total number of beds to more than 100. This project's total investment is $120 million.

When completed, Lutheran Downtown will open with:

  • a 19-bed emergency department
  • a six-suite OR
  • three cardiac catheterization labs
  • two gastroenterology suites
  • hyperbaric medicine and wound care
  • imaging services including MRI and CT
  • robotic-assisted surgery
  • laboratory services
Lutheran Downtown ISO view