Elijah's Story

Elijah's Story Elijah's Story

One summer afternoon, Elijah was out riding his bike with a friend, when he fell off the bike and hit his head. Upon returning to his grandparent's home, Elijah began to complain of a headache and that he felt very tired, so he laid down on their couch. Just a short while later, he began vomiting and demonstrated seizure-like activity. His family immediately called 911. As he was being airlifted, his condition deteriorated quickly and the flight crew had to emergently provide life-saving care by placing a breathing tube mid-flight. Elijah immediately underwent surgery to repair a severe skull fracture and was discharged from the hospital a short time later. Today, he is back to being a terrific 11-year-old kid! Elijah and his family had the opportunity to reunite with the Winchester Fire Department and Lutheran Air flight crew, who presented him with his flight wings. "In critical moments like his, time is of the essence and I can't be more thankful for the trained specialists involved with his care," stated Stacie Rhodehamel, Elijah's mother.