Patient Encourages Need to ‘Take Care of You’ During COVID-19 Pandemic

Chronic, non-healing wounds, especially those that have not shown signs of improvement in several weeks or are not responding to typical treatments, can require extra time and assistance to heal. The team at Bluffton Regional Medical Center’s Wound Care Clinic uses a variety of new and traditional technologies to help patients heal successfully – all close to home. According to Bluffton resident Becky Love, this service was a saving grace.

Bluffton Regional Medical Center

After a previous experience to treat wounds on her heals left her in a dire faceoff with sepsis – it immediately became apparent that she would transition her treatment to the Wound Care Clinic at Bluffton Regional Medical Center. “I am able to get the care I need right down the road from where I live,” Becky stated. “I have an appointment at the clinic every week and each time I go in there, it is like seeing family.” Behind Lutheran Health Physicians podiatrist, Kristin Toliver, DPM, Becky is noticing quite the improvement to her wounds, which she credits to the confident, professional care she has received from day one.

Emergent health needs like Becky’s do not stop for COVID-19. Lutheran Health Network continues to urge individuals to seek proper care when it is needed - without delay. For Becky, had she delayed seeking the adequate care she needed, it might have drastically impacted her final outcome. “This pandemic presents much uncertainty for all of us and we still can’t quite judge what to expect for the future, however, I am not going to let COVID-19 run my life,” she declared. “You just have to take care of you.” So adorned in her mask that she happily wears, she is continuing on her journey to recovery.

Various precautions are currently implemented throughout all network facilities, including the requirement for all individuals who enter any LHN facility, including staff, to be screened. Additionally, employees, physicians and patients are expected to wear masks. Care for those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 is delivered in a restricted, isolated area away from other patients. Cleaning and disinfection are emphasized in caregiving areas and throughout the facility, including high-touch items like door handles, elevator buttons, tables and chairs.

“Every time I step foot in Bluffton Regional Medical Center, I feel 110 percent safe to go in for appointments,” Becky stated. “From the quality care and encouragement I received from Dr. Toliver and her team to the ability to ask questions to understand my treatment each step of the way, I would time and time again recommend Bluffton’s Wound Care Clinic.”

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