Cancer Diagnosis Sparks Unique Journey Close to Home

“You have cancer.” These are three words no individual ever wants to hear. Chuck Yeager, however, remembers each of those words vividly when he became the recipient of this statement on December 11, 2018.

Anyone who receives this news is met with the task of processing the concept of cancer, configuring possible next steps and inquiring what the opportunity for survival may be, is extremely draining. For Chuck, he immediately turned to friends and family who encouraged him to research who the best doctors were and what facilities offered the most advanced treatment options – somewhere like Chicago or Atlanta. This was far from his Indiana home.

Chuck Yeager

After a conversation with his urologist, Chuck was referred to the Kosciusko Community Hospital Cancer Care Center in Warsaw. “I was initially a little surprised by my doctor’s response,” he said. “Warsaw isn’t Chicago, Atlanta or a Mayo Clinic, but to this day, and every day, I am thankful for his insistence.”

When the time came for Chuck to begin his treatments, he arrived at the Cancer Care Center with several questions and a mind wondering what lies ahead. “I immediately noticed that I was not just a patient, rather, I was Chuck Yeager, a person who was appreciated, respected and cared for,” he stated. From the receptionist, who was always quick to greet him by name, to the nurses who fully dedicated their time to not only answering his questions, but also learning more about him, he knew he had made the right decision.

With 45 treatments ahead of him, Chuck found an additional bond among the group of technicians who took an immediate interest in his family and his hobbies. “These folks were always on time, always accommodating of my schedule, confident and skilled,” he said. “They saw me as a person and not just a group of cancer cells needing treated.”

While Chuck has high praise for each individual who was part of his experience at the Cancer Care Center, he credits one in particular: radiation oncologist, Dr. Mark Ranck. “A journey with cancer is nerve wrecking enough, but Dr. Ranck always had time for my questions and concerns,” Chuck said. “He made it clear that his primary emphasis was on my recovery but also in making sure I understood all facets of my treatment.”

Despite his journey having one more twist along its path, Chuck looks to the friends he made during his treatments and the experience as a whole at KCH. “I am thrilled with the results I have received and am beyond thankful to Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who led me to His helpers at the KCH Cancer Care Center,” he stated. “I have been blessed by each and every single one of them.”