Finding Light - And Glitter - Along The Journey

Behind a collection of vibrantly painted designs, and a healthy amount of glitter, sits the sweet, bright smile of 3 year old Rylee. As many young girls, Rylee has a strong love for makeup, unicorns and anything princesses, which together has tied in to the elaborate face painting art her and mother, Alyssa, have bonded over during treatments at Lutheran Children’s Hospital. Rylee was previously diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, back in November 2019 and has been receiving care from the pediatric oncology team at LCH since her diagnosis. “The care that Rylee has received at LCH has been everything we could have asked for,” said Alyssa. “Our doctors and nurses have become like family over the last six months. We couldn’t have ask for a better team to treat Rylee.”

Finding Light - And  Glitter - Along The Journey
Finding Light - And  Glitter - Along The Journey

Located in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Lutheran Hospital, the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Clinic has provided care for children with cancer and a wide range of blood disorders since February 1986. It is the only clinic in northeastern Indiana with a dedicated team specially trained to care for the special needs of young patients who have childhood cancer or blood disorders. “We value the nurses who are always so willing to play with Rylee and that they do whatever it takes to make her feel comfortable,” Alyssa stated. “The doctors make such an effort to ensure she is doing well, but also take the time to reassure us and walked us through the entirety of the treatment process.”

To make treatments easier for Rylee and her parents, she instantly turned to her love of makeup and memories of zoo and festival visits, which always required a stop at the face painting booths. After previously receiving a face painting kit from a friend, mom and daughter have created a strong bond together over the different designs and art. “I love to see how Rylee expresses herself through the designs she picks out,” Alyssa stated. “Her excited smile when I show her the finished product is so genuine – I love to see it each and every time.”

Currently, the pair has done several designs with unicorns, Disney characters and princesses; however, Rylee has been known not to turn down anything that is bright, vibrant and sparkly. “We absolutely will be doing many more creations in the future as this has become an almost every day practice for us.”