The Ride of His Life

The Ride of His Life

The Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) is an organized 170 mile ride that weaves throughout Indiana, starting in Terre Haute and ending in Richmond, completed solely by bike. For Steve Breeden, a love for physical activity and a passion for good health has fueled an extensive interest in completing these long rides. However, as he was just weeks out from the day of the ride, a simple health scan would alter his life, putting the ability to fulfill his passions in jeopardy.

During an annual health and wellness visit, Steve’s doctor would recommend he get a cardiac calcium scan, as both him and his wife have family history of heart issues. “I keep extremely active, I am in great shape and I have a strong exercise and nutrition regime,” he stated. “Without my doctor’s recommendation for this, I would not have given any thought to having one done.”

Offered at Kosciusko Community Hospital, the scan’s calcium score is calculated based on the amount of plaque observed in a CT scan. The likelihood of one having a heart attack or other heart condition correlates with the calcium scoring, thus, the lower the score and percentile rank, the less likely one is to have a cardiac event.

Steve and his wife would each have the scan done. It was further explained to them that the high risk range was 400 and above. He would register a 1200. Within an hour of completing the scan, staff at Kosciusko Community Hospital immediately contacted him and advised he do nothing strenuous. They also urged him to schedule an appointment immediately with a cardiac specialist. In just a matter of days, Steve had a stint put in and was able to start physical rehabilitation immediately after.

Just three weeks after his stint was put in and he completed rehabilitation, Steve would participate in the RAIN ride. Had it not been for the cardiac calcium scan revealing a 95% blockage in one of his arteries, he very well could have had a major cardiac event while on that extensive ride.

Today, Steve has become a strong advocate for the cardiac calcium scan and it has paid off. “Sharing my story has given other active men a reason to pause and consider that they may too be at risk,” he said. “In one case, a friend who was participating in a 250 mile, week long bike ride out west had done the scan and found out his score was almost 1500.”

From diagnosis to rehabilitation, Steve strongly valued the professional and personalized approach the staff at Kosciusko Community Hospital provided. “The rehabilitation staff at the wellness center was great and very hands on,” he stated.

“As someone who took their health for granted, I encourage all men to ask their doctor about taking this scan, regardless of their health,” Steve stated. “This ten minute test, which equates to the cost of a dinner and movie, could turn out to be priceless in the end.”