Millie's Story

Millie'’'s Story

Many children under two years of age will contract respiratory syncytial virus, RSV, however, for babies under ten months, this illness can be more serious. This was the case for the Profit family when her seven week old daughter Millie was put to the fight of her young life when she developed this condition.

RSV enters the body through the eyes, nose or mouth and is spread easily through the air on infected respiratory droplets such as a sneeze or cough. In adults or older, healthier children, common symptoms are mild and typically are aligned with the common cold.

What started as a small cough quickly transitioned into an RSV diagnosis and an immediate transport to Lutheran Children’s Hospital for baby Millie and her mom, Danielle. The next several days would put the family, including Millie’s two older brothers, through a roller coaster ride plagued by irregular vitals that dropped every hour and a ventilator helping Millie breath. After ten grueling days confined to the intensive care unit, there was finally a light of progress.

With the hope that blossomed from the progress baby Millie was making, there was also a graying presence for the family as Christmas came and the family was left to celebrate Millie’s first one in the hospital. Thanks to help from some festive nurses, the family was able to rejoice in a non-traditional holiday celebration. “Our wonderful nurses helped decorate the hospital room for her first Christmas,” Danielle shared. “Our biggest gift we received, however, was Millie’s vent setting being lowered so she could start initiating breathing on her own.”

Finally, after enduring twenty-five days in the hospital, Millie and her family got the news they were anxiously waiting for: it was time to go home. “Looking back, our care at Lutheran was phenomenal – we could not have asked for anything better,” Danielle stated. “Our doctors and nurses not only invested themselves into Millie, but also showed concerns about how my husband and I were handling everything.”