Bluffton Regional Medical Center Volunteers Demonstrate Going Above and Beyond

Bluffton Regional Medical Center Volunteers Demonstrate Going Above and Beyond

Parents strive to provide the best for their children, especially when they are ill. When a mother at Bluffton Regional Medical Center was forced to wait for her ride in the hospital’s lobby with her sick child, a group of volunteers knew they could help.

After making several trips to the front desk to make a call to find a driver to pick up her and her sick child, this mom was left to wait in the hospital’s front lobby until she could get a ride arranged. With the possibility of needing to reach a number that was not local, which would not work on the front desk phone, hospital volunteer Rita Blinn graciously lent this mother her cell phone so she could do what she needed to do to get a hold of someone. “I really wanted to help her so she would be able to get her child home and they could both get a little rest,” Blinn stated. Upon finally connecting to someone who could provide her a ride, as she returned the phone, the mother relayed that this ride would not be able to make it for several more hours, confining them to the waiting room area in the meantime.

Word of this began to spread across a couple of the volunteers and it wasn’t long until Karen Yoder’s heart begin breaking by the thought of this family’s long wait to come. Not willing to settle for that solution, Karen immediately got on the phone to find a better alternative. After gaining approval from her conversation with the mother, she phoned her husband and home and relayed the need for transportation for this mother and child. Steve Yoder quickly jumped at the opportunity to assist.

Within a short time, Steve was at the hospital and set to drive the pair home, however long it took. “The mother was very appreciative of this opportunity,” Rita and Karen stated. “We did it because we knew it was the right thing to do for that family.”

Bluffton Regional Medical Center has a volunteer program comprised of over 50 volunteers that dedicate their time to serve patients, families and visitors each day. Daily volunteer responsibilities include escorting patients to their destinations, assisting at the front information desk, chaplaincy and one-on-one visits in the Continuing Care Center.

“My heart is blessed working with each of these volunteers,” said Claudia Ward, Director of Volunteer Services at BRMC. “They serve our hospital with care and compassion every day they are here and are such blessings for our patients coming in.”