Corporate Health/Corporate Wellness

MedPartners has developed a comprehensive program for wellness that can make a difference in the lives of your employees and reduce your company's healthcare costs.

A Comprehensive Wellness Plan: Completing the Puzzle
Our goal is to be sure your employees have the tools necessary for success. Your employees will have access to lab tests, on-site education, health fairs and more. As an employer, we're sure you'll appreciate our assistance in marketing the program to your employees and encouraging participation.

Putting all the pieces together for better health.

Puzzle Pieces

Health Risk Assessments are a great starting point for your employees and your group. This tool can help identify current health risk factors and provide suggestions for lifestyle changes. Each individual will receive a confidential report, while employers receive an aggregate report.

Participants and their family members will be able to create and maintain their Personal Health Record through Internet-based "No More Clipboard." Health information can be gathered from a variety of sources, backed up and shared with chosen healthcare providers.

Our Health Educator helps to keep your employees on track with their goals and manage their risk factors.

An Online Scheduling System allows participants to schedule testing or a time to meet with the health educator.

Health Screenings provide baseline measurements and may be done at your worksite. These figures are then utilized to compile the individual's Health Risk Assessment and can also be recorded in their personal health record.

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an important part of the program. It allows for the storage and transfer of health screening information and health educator sessions. Reports are easily generated, providing the Health Educator with clinical information and the employer with aggregate data.

Other programs include:

  • Beyond Diets
  • Cardiac Risk Reduction
  • Small Steps, Big Rewards
  • Executive Physicals
  • Health Fairs
  • Choose to Lose—Be a Winner (weight loss contest)
  • Onsite Employee Clinics

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