Lutheran Health Network - Birthing Centers

Welcome your new bundle of joy at a Lutheran Health Network birthing center!

Each year, thousands of babies are born in the birthing centers at Lutheran Health Network hospitals. LHN birthing center team members are committed to making the birth experience as joyful and safe as it can be not only for mom and baby, but for the entire family as well, each step of the way.

Each center provides high-quality obstetrical care with the latest technologies. The centers' warm and responsive family-centered environment and comfortable surroundings, combined with compassionate and caring staff, help ensure mom and baby receive the first-rate, personalized care they need and deserve. The centers offer comprehensive services and programs, including childbirth classes, breastfeeding support, online resources, postpartum care and support groups. Several hospitals also house neonatal intensive care units for babies born too early or with complications.

Check out the array of services offered, take a virtual tour or find out about prenatal classes at the birthing centers throughout the network. LHN is honored to share in the joy of the birth of your baby.